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Château du Moulin

Visites culturelles

Tours tariffs and Opening days :

Everyday from 01/04 to 30/09 from 10 AM to half past 12 AM and from 2 PM 6:30 PM.

Accessibility : number of floors visited during the tour : 3 - Main courtyard,Museum, surroundings and garden accessible to persons with limited mobility with help.

Tarifs :

Adults : 8,00 Euros.
From 65 years : 7,00 Euros. Children from 13 to 16 years : 6,00 Euros and from 4 to 12 years : 4 Euros. Museum, park and garden : 6,00 Euros.
Group (20 people minimum) : 7,00 Euros.

Description :


The home seen from the moats walk.
Photo A. Janssoone

Interior court seen from the moats.
Photo A. Janssoone

From the vegetable garden
Photo A. Janssoone

The children's house in the kitchen garden.
Photo A. Janssoone

The dining room.
Photograph : G. Sellier.


The Room of the Guards.
Photograph : G. Sellier.

In the living room, a statue of Saint Catherine out of polychrome wooden of the 15th century allotted to the school of Michel Colombe.
Photograph : G. Sellier.

The chapel of the 15th century has got stained glasses of this time.
Photograph : G. Sellier.

In the living room, the very beautiful painted ceiling of 16th century.

The Philippe du Moulin's room.
Photograph : G. Sellier.