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Abbaye de Saint-Evroult Notre-Dame-du-Bois




The Nobility of Some Very Learned Ruins.
The fallen, ivy-covered walls on which the sun spreads its golden powder; memories of arcades that float under the trees at pond's edge... The beauty of these abbey ruins is haunted by a long escheat and by the charm of an enchanting landscape. A lovely place for a stroll.
Let your curiosity be piqued by the stele erected in memory of the famed monk, historian and mediaeval chronicler, Orderic Vital.

Monks, a piece of history... Around 560, Evroult, an officer at the court of the Merovingian king, retreated into the forest of Ouche where he founded a hermitage.
Rebuilt after the year 1000, the abbey enjoyed a second golden age, and the remains remind us of the Gothic grandeur and the wide renown of the monastic school where Orderic Vital studied the grammar of his art. It was from here that five masters left for England carrying with them the good news of their knowledge. These five monks began teaching rhetoric and theology in a barn in Cambridge. A school in Cambridge !
A prestigious university that is the daughter of Saint EvroultÂ… A place inhabited forever by the breath of the Holy Spirit.

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Abbaye de Saint-Evroult Notre-Dame-du-Bois

61550 Saint-Evroult Notre-Dame-du-Bois

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