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Château de Lavaux-Sainte-Anne





Rare, superb and exceptionally well-protected witness. A challenge by Jean II de Berlo.
About 1450, Lavaux had been conceived in order to set back an attack : ditches, curved dike forcing to lay oneself open, drawbridge, loopholes, round towers offering less hold to balls ; dominant donjon and ultimate refuge in case of danger ...
In 1630, the Renaissance is spreading, Baron Jacques Reynard de Rouveroy becomes enamoured of the old fortress. He grabs it, makes himself a party to it. He pulls down the north side and thus opens the courtyard, raises the levels and puts himself comfortably between the towers with an abundance of bricks, stone transoms, mullions, pilasters and corners. All at once, the castle is opening up to the outside and to the joy in life. The farmhouse dates from the same time and its gate is reminiscent of that of the castle to a lesser extent.
Berlo and Rouveroy remain the two great names in the architectural splendours as in the history of the domain of Lavaux.

New ! Nature museum en Wetland.
Rediscover the magnificent castle on the plain of Wallonia, with its new portrayal of seigneurial life in the 17th en 18th centuries and its fully renovated Nature Museum.
Continue your tour in the Wetland area along the fun, educational trail where children and adults can enjoy watching the animal life and plants typical of the Famenne.

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Château de Lavaux-Sainte-Anne
8 rue du château
B-5580 Lavaux-Sainte-Anne

Tel : +32 84 38 83 62
Fax : +32 84 38 73 02

Contact : Elise Mathys

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  • Park
  • Museum

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  • Countryside