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Château et Jardins de Freÿr

Visites culturelles

Tours tariffs and Opening days :

Opening time of the gardens and the castle
October to March, sunday 2.30 pm.
April to June, saturday, sunday and bank holidays from 11 am to 12.45 pm and from 2.15 pm to 5.45 pm.
July and August, every day, but monday, and bank holidays 11 am to 12.45 pm and from 2.15 pm to 5.45 pm.
October, saturday, sunday and bank holidays 11 am to 12.45 pm and from 2.15 pm to 5.45 pm.

Tarifs :

Solely regular guided tours
7 Euro ((2005) : per adult.
5.5 Euro (2005) : per senior, student or adolescent,
member of a group (at least 20 participants).
Free : for children (up to 12 years) when coming with their parents.

Special opening on request (aside from openingstimes of the schedule or for an exclusive guided tour)
125 Euro : fixed price for the first 20 visitors and
5.5 Euro (2005) : extra per visitor above the 20th.
Schools 4 Euro (minimum 25 pupils)
A surcharge of 10 Euro per quarter is applied when arriving more than 30 min late.

Duration : 60 minutes for the castle; free with a booklet for the gardens.
Booklets and postcards available on the spot.
Guided by members of the family or voluntary helpers and lovers of Fre├┐r.
Foreign checks are only accepted with a surcharge of 18.78 Euro for processing

Description :

This dwelling place was visited by royal guests such as
Louis XIV, Stanislas Leszczynski, Maria Christina of Austria and H.I.H. Naru Hito.
It is adorned in a refined and cosmopolitan manner, while
history has left its trace when the treaty of Fre├┐r was signed (1675) and coffee drunk for the first time in the country.
# Furthemore, one can discover :

the eating room centered on an impressive Renaissance mantelpiece,

an enchanting children coach (18th)
that won the first price at the World Exhibition in Paris (1889),

two halls, one of which recalls an Italian Palace with hunting scenes by Snyders and frescos on the ceiling,

some classical lounges and a Rococo chapel full of peace and joy,