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Hotels Castles, Chateaux-France:

3 stars hotel places (boutique hotel, chateau-hotel), 4 stars and 5 stars (chateau-hotel of exception).
The reception among Chateaux Hotels Chateaux-France is inherited from the Great Tradition of Hospitality and French Excellence: perfect service, provided by teams fully committed to the success of your stay.

Inn and Bed and Breakfasts Castles Chateaux-France:

Family houses where hosts strive to accommodate each guest personally and to share with them "la Vie de Château".
Castles bed and breakfast Chateaux-France include charming places to stay, real family homes, and castles inns of exception. All these kind of place offer complete luxury services and comfort required.

Professionalism and courtesy are the hallmarks of all our castles and places.

Chateaux-France offers the following services:

- Gift Vouchers for stays at the chateaus (over 150 places, with immediate booking service, by telephone + 33 892 56 56 28): Invitation to l'Eden
- Paris Hotels Chateaux-France
- On line booking (  22 Places in the guide, for direct online bookings)

At any time, our team is available to assist you with your reservation at +33 892 56 56 28.

What does it mean?

What are the breakfasts in Chateaux-France places ?

There are two types of breakfast can be served in our castles:
- "Continental" Breakfast means:
Essentially a sweet breakfast. You will be offered some bread, pastries, butter, jam, honey, hot drinks, dairy products and fruit juices, meats and often products "made ​​with love and at home."
- British breakfast, also called "American Breakfast" means a meal more complete than the continental breakfast. It is associated with warm and savory dishes such as eggs (fried or scrambled), bacon, baked beans, stewed tomatoes, some mushrooms or potatoes. It is usually accompanied by tea and slices of toast. Sometimes accompanied by cheese and black bread.
Finally, we made ​​good progress, compared with breakfast of King Louis XIV: indeed, the Great King of France, Louis XIV, only drank herbal tea and broth for breakfast!

Half board meaning:

You will have either a dinner either a lunch as a meal.

Castle, manor, monastery, bastide, fortified farm, mill, boutique hotel in town, chalet hotel.