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Château Chatonnière

Parks and Gardens 




Tucked away in the depths of a secret vale, there are 6 hectares of poppies and cornflowers surrounding a small Renaissance castle, known as the nine flower gardens of La Chatonnière. Like a necklace adorning the neck of a beautiful princess, these scented gardens, with their air of paradise, have been deliberately designed to stimulate the senses. Whether round, square or triangular, they each have their own particular charm, plants, aromas and colours. They also hide individual secrets just waiting to be discovered… The gardens are terraced according to 9 themes, their names giving a clue as to what they represent: Silence, the Senses, Intelligence, the Sciences, Romance, Implausibility, Elegance, Exuberance and lastly, the Garden of Plenty. Looking out onto the Indre Valley and the Forest of Chinon, these nine gardens alternate between shades of white, blue, fuchsia and salmon-red. With their charming maze of pergolas covered in roses and clematis, these gardens are striking and change colour with the rhythm of the seasons. Irises and lilies in spring; poppies, cornflowers and dahlias in summer, nasturtiums and asters in autumn; they are a perfect backdrop for the Château, its central court flanked by seven towers, and add to its magic and mystique.

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Château Chatonnière
Route de Langeais
37190 Azay-le-Rideau

Tel : +33 2 47 45 40 29
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Contact : Monsieur de ANDIA

Railroad Station : Tours (24 Km)
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